Uncle and His Dog – Custom Engraving

Now I’m at the final stage. Remember, unfortunately, he had only the one photo of his uncle, and it’s not very clear. So we knew, there would be many hours reworking his Uncle’s profile and his trusty dog. Again, he wanted this custom engraving to be a special gift for his uncle.

So step by step with my client, I redrew various parts of his uncle’s profile/clothes and more detail of his dog.

So even though this was a very challenging engraving, please keep in mind, several important ideas.

No matter how large or complicated a task might seem, here are a few suggestions:

1)      Break the task into smaller steps.

2)      Be persistent – never give up.

3)      It’s not always about the task, but the great lessons you receive from your journey.

Not only was I excited to send my client’s gift recently, but every artist’s 3 favorite words to here, “I love it”!

What a great journey and honor for the opportunity of working with the client on photo conversion, design layout, and the challenge to “Making the Memory Last Forever” for his Uncle and his favorite dog!


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