The Wandering Hermit

The Wandering Hermit

The Wandering Hermit

Have you ever had a moment when you see something that inspired you?  Well, I came across a store window whose name and design hit me. It was “The Wandering Hermit”. Not sure if it was because I always loved the fantasy of medieval times or wizards and dragons but I knew I had to do something!

The Wandering Hermit


The name “The Wandering Hermit” is a special coffee house, gift and book store that is beautifully laid out. A recent post from their Facebook Page is a great description: “If you have found yourself stranded with all of the recent road closures, come find yourself a warm place to sit at the bookstore!   Hot coffee and good company!


There’s even some history for my wife and I…  If you have a chance, please visit my website and read about “The Artist Profile”.  When we first came to Wyoming from Illinois, we were directors of an animal sanctuary.  We had no internet service at our location and had to go to another town to read and write our email. This store had it all for us!

The recent owner, Dan Brecht, has done a tremendous job redecorating and providing a great community service to our town and Platte County!

I was so impressed with his store window logo, “The Wandering Hermit”, I had to etch it on a glass coffee mug as a “Thank You Gift”. Dan was so impressed, that he ordered more coffee mugs and stainless steel drinking mugs as gifts. Go check it out.

What inspires you? Do you want to make it a lasting keepsake?

We can work together to create that special one of a kind gift that they will cherish for years.

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