Engraved Pet Memorial Keepsake Box

Engraved Pet Memorial Keepsake Box

Still working on “The Perfect Loop”, but wanted to share what’s dear to my heart and passion.

I custom engraved Pet Memorial Keepsake Box for a fundraiser  for our dear friend who runs Denkai Animal Sanctuary in Grover, CO. This box is a display to give bidders an idea of what they can order should they place the winning bid!

It amazes me, whether you own dogs, cats, horses, etc. the unconditional love you can experience. Animals bring so much happiness into our lives, and that’s why, I always love to hear people’s stories.

We lost our first horse Shadow over a year ago. He brought so much joy to us.  Even though we were devastated to lose Shadow so unexpectedly, we wanted to cherish his memory forever.

What better way than to capture his profile than on an alder wood keepsake box. Since he was my wife’s first horse, she wanted to share some special words to honor their relationship.

It’s my passion to capture your pet’s personality, hear your story, cherish and preserve your memory of that special friend.

Imagine not only capturing your pet’s personality, but working together to design that special remembrance that will truly reflect the sentiment you are trying to convey.

Additionally, we can select various types of media: wood, glass, marble, etc.

Whatever inspires you, whether it is nature, family events, pets, etc.,  please contact Bob.

For more examples and/or ideas, please check out Photo Gallery: “Pet Memorial / Wood, Glass”

If you have any questions and/or wish a quote, please contact Bob by filling in the form below.

(Note: We keep your information confidential)

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