Custom Engraved Hummingbird on Emu Egg

Custom Engraved Hummingbird on Emu Egg

My wife and I have always been enamored with the beauty and personalities of hummingbirds. About a month ago, my wife called me during the day so excited! She told me there was a hummingbird feeding on our petunia flowers that were on our front patio. Wow, I even got excited! Since we not only live in the country, but have hardly any trees in our area, you can imagine our surprise! You would have thought we had seen a unicorn instead! Well, we went the next day to buy a hummingbird feeder, and sure enough, our special friend stopped by everyday for awhile.

As you can tell, that was my inspiration engraving this delicate bird on a beautiful Emu Egg.

In case you are not familiar with Emu Eggs.

The normally are 4” wide x 5-6 inches tall.

3 primary Basic Colors:

1)      The Emu Egg has a unique outside “emerald green” color.

2)      If you carve deeper, the 2nd  layer has a beautiful “ Turquoise” color.

3)      And than finally , a little deeper, you will find a “white” fragile color.

So I hope, you can enjoy this particular custom engraved piece with the delicate scroll design.

The Emu egg is enclosed in a beautiful glass dome with a wood base and available “for sale” under “Art-Sale and Information!

We can work together to design that personalized item that will truly reflect the sentiment you are trying to convey.

For more examples and/or ideas, please check out Photo Gallery: “Egg”

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To get some ideas, please check out my “Gallery”.

If you have any questions and/or wish a quote, please contact me by filling in the form below.

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