Thank You Cards from Members of Chairbound Hunters

Thank You Cards from Members of Chairbound Hunters

I have recently received many thank you cards from members of Chairbound Hunters Group, run by Al and Sharon McCarty here in Wheatland, WY.
Thank You Cards from Members Chairbound HuntersAfter completing a memorial plaque for one of their members, it brought tears to my eyes upon reading the sentiment these men expressed.

The service that this group provides brought back many childhood memories. My sister and I were fostered by a couple in Illinois. My foster father, Joe Adamcik, was a veteran from World War II and a paraplegic. I never had a father for the first 4 or 5 years of my life, so I never experienced what a father should be. Not only did Joe give us a true family home, but because of his great personality and love, he showed me what a true father should be. Unfortunately, he passed away after one year due to a heart attack. Even though my exposure with him was very short, he changed my life so much ……..

This is a big “Thank You” to those who have taken the time to write! It is appreciated more than you know. This is why I do what I do!

I will continue to support this organization and all the great work that they do.

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Thanks again for your time.

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If you have not read the previous story on Brian Olson’s memorial plaque, please click on:  “Memory of Brian Olson”.

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