I was honored to be commissioned by Brian to custom engrave a plaque for a very special group of men and woman. The Ember Immune Company trained the 1st Platoon 511th Military Police Company during Operation Sentinel Warrior.

CUSTOM ENGRAVED US ARMY MP PLAQUE              Ember-Immune-Presentation

For example, the 91st Military Police Battalion’s mission is “To prepare and sustain Military Police companies that need to be ready to deploy anywhere in the world and conduct combat and stability operations. The training exercise commands, controls, and supervises all Military Police. ”

Many thanks to the US ARMY MP’s and all the servicemen and women, who have sacrificed their time for our country. Your efforts are not taken for grated. You secure our freedom!

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One Response to US ARMY MP

  1. Shirley Valente June 16, 2015 at 10:28 am #

    This is a great piece. I personally have never heard of the Military Police. Thank you for not only enlightening me about this “Honorable” mission but the men in this photo looked extremely proud of your piece….Thanks Bob

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