Hi Everyone!

I know it’s seems awhile since I’ve blogged, but I have completed engraving a gunstock, wine bottles, etc.

As I blogged earlier in February, regarding our stay at a bed and breakfast, the owner requested a carving of a “wildlife” 3-dimentional figure on a large pine log.

Since I don’t have the opportunity right now to carve on site and most of my carvings/engravings were relief and semi-relief, I wanted to take this challenge.


I asked if I could carve a wildlife theme at my studio and “attach the carving to the post”.  The owner, Nancy, agreed.

My main objective, will be carving a mountain lion climbing the post, that I need to complete by mid-June! 

So, currently, I have to think “outside the box” and carve similar to a chainsaw artist. 

So my journey begins!

My first practice piece is a Ponderosa Pine: 8 ½ inches wide x 30 inches in circumference x 30 inches high. I am carving a hawk-like bird. Here’s the first initial carving stage.

First, I am fortunate enough to have a friend, Don, to assist me by using a chainsaw for the initial carving outline. Thank you Don!

Than from that point on, I am using other larger tools, such as:  mini-grinders, sanders, dremel, to finally my ultra-high speed drill for detail.

I will concentrate mostly on the hawk-like bird profile face, because it’s a great practice piece to start off with.

I will keep you posted.

Thanks again for your visit and following my journey!

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  1. Deb Lindsay May 6, 2014 at 6:59 am #

    You are much more ambitious then I am. LOL I am excited to see your progress as you work in this. I’m sure this will turn out to be another master piece! Good luck with this project and your mountain lion. I know you can do it!!!

  2. Deb Hoeck May 6, 2014 at 10:38 am #

    I am confident your standard for excellence will again be met or exceeded with this project. Enjoy it !

  3. Robert Karolak May 7, 2014 at 11:38 am #

    Wow – 2 Debs!
    Thank you both for your checking in and kind words!
    Will have more updates and photos by end of this week!


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