The Perfect Loop Carving – Framed / For Sale!

The Perfect Loop  Carving – Framed / For Sale!

Moving from Illinois and now living in Wyoming, I am always inspired by what our forefathers endured and accomplished.  Even the basic things like what we eat, where we live, etc., are sometimes taken for granted. The hardships and struggles that brought us to where we are today are the cornerstone of what the West represents.  We don’t always appreciate the amount of time and hard work that our ranchers and farmers must devote!

That is why a particular photographer’s photo inspired me! 









Leah Yetter Photography is constantly capturing so many special moments of Wyoming ranching, cattle drives, horses, wildlife, etc. One of her photos called, “The Perfect Loop” hit me in a special way. Not only has she captured the perfect loop of a lasso, but the essence of what ranching is all about. With her permission and copyright purchase, I was able to custom engrave this special piece!

So now, I hope this “Special Framed Custom Engraved Ranch Scene” will inspire you! A great gift for yourself, a family member or friend!

Frame – “Textures Mahogany”

Frame Size – 11 3/4 x 13 3/4

Actual Custom Engraved Ranch Scene Plaque: 8 x 10

If interested, please visit my website: under “Art Sale And Information

If you have any questions and/or wish a quote, please contact Bob by filling in the form below.

 Thank you for taking the time to view my hand-made items.



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