Original Art Designs and More

Original Art Designs and More

Have you ever wanted to engrave that special gift, was commissioned for a unique theme, and maybe even convert a special photo into a line drawing? Where do you go on-line?

You couldn’t either come up with the perfect picture and/or do not have the artistic ability to convert a special photo.

Well Russ Larsen, my webmaster, has created that specific website!

OriginaL-Art-DesignsThe idea behind is, that “Original Art Designs” would provide not only quality artwork for carvers, engravers, and other artists, but high quality hand drawn artwork.


If you want either something specific and/or a photo you want to convert into line drawing, there is a form on the website to request it.

Since the website has just started, new artwork will be added every week.

Prices of drawings are reasonable and even some FREE ones, depending on the drawing and artist.

Lastly, when you purchase:

1) You get the drawing.

2) The license to use it in your own artwork.

3) You can download it instantly to your computer.

There is also even a form to subscribe by email to be notified of new artwork when added.

So please take the time and check it out!

Thanks again for your interest and stopping by.

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One Response to Original Art Designs and More

  1. Vicki Johnston January 10, 2014 at 6:59 am #

    What a wonderful idea! I have seen Bob’s work and he truly does a beautiful job! I have seen him use a personal photo of a pet and engrave the exact replica onto a plaque or box. It becomes a wonderful remembrance of your special animal! It can also be a very personal gift for a friend!

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